Wazamba – Cool new African-themed casino in 2019

wazamba casino

Big things are already happening among the new online casinos in 2019. Just a couple of days ago, there was a new release with a great theme. Something we haven’t really seen before, at least not at this level of excellence. Wazamba casino has a really cool African theme, and it is obviously built to become one of the big ones. With a lot of features, a hero room and games from tens and tens of providers, this is something that The Spin really enjoyed gambling at.

Start by choosing your own hero, a nice little feature that makes everything so much more unique and tailor-made. The hero is possible to buy add-ons to later in the game as well. Read more about Wazamba and why you should try it further down – if you need more convincing than a €500 bonus along with 200 free spins! If you want to take advantage of this Wazamba bonus just go to https://casino-bonus.com/review/wazamba-casino/ and claim it now. If you don’t like an African theme and are more into an Egyptian one or why not futuristic themes, this site has them all.

The Spin goes to Wazamba casino

Wazamba, a word we are not really sure what it comes from. But it does have an African touch to it, hasn’t? And, once you visit this website, you will get swallowed up by a beautifully coloured African jungle world. What makes this online casino very unique might not be the games. Sure, they have plenty of them, really a lot. However, many brands offer exactly this, why we need to see something more to get really impressed by a casino. This is why we were so satisfied the first time we visited Wazambas online casino.

During the sign-up process, you get to choose a hero; Advar, Bomani or Chimola. From here, Wazambas casino world opens up its doors. Earn coins, masks, free spins and other bonuses and by stuff in the store. Everything you buy can be found in your very own hero room, along with your gambling process. Everything is really neat looking and we are certain that you will have a good time here. If you are looking for more information about Wazamba, read this guys both fun and interesting profile: https://www.eurogamer.net/profiles/wazamba. We will soon be back with more fun stuff, remember: we put a SPIN on every story!