The new Trueplay platform inks its first online partner: FairPlay Casino!

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Crypto Currency is something we do hear more and more about in a lot of different situations. The Bitcoin value has been extremely high just a couple of months ago but also dropped a lot. So, many people still feel quite uncertain about what to expect and think about these different cryptocurrencies. Up until today, bitcoin has been the absolute leading cryptocurrency for online casinos – something that might is about to change. TruePlay, and its TPlay Token, has recently stepped into the business by signing their first online casino: FairPlay Casino. The casino is about to release and right now there is a pre-sale for the token – öasting until the 15th of April.

FairPlay Casino – Let’s break it down

FairPlay casino is a nice looking casino at first glance. Which basically is what we have gotten to see so far. Probably, and hopefully, the site isn’t quite ready yet. There is a very annoying way of looking at the different games by a “load more” button. Something that will make it take ages to see all the games. Any search feature? Nop, no so far. We also haven’t been able to see if they will offer any sign-up bonuses or other promotions. And, it doesn’t really matter how secure a casino is. And how fast the payments are. If they don’t offer their players something extra to become a player. There are still a couple of weeks left, so we will see how it goes with that. And even if this casino doesn’t become a big hit, the interesting future of the TruePlay platform is still there.

TruePlay also developed their own TruePlay Wallet

TruePlay Platform & The TPlay Token

This currency surely fills up all the requirements that we can think of and it is fully functioning of integrating the blockchain technology for online casinos. They also developed their own TruePlay Wallet and it all feels very neat branded and well thought-out. Gamingtec, the company behind FairPlay casino, thinks that is the perfect step for them, constantly wanting to be in the forefront of technology. And surely, bitcoin casinos has grown just over the last year. To be first with using a new groundbreaking currency might be a great move to take a lot of market shares. We will see soon!