To travel around the world while working is an absolute bliss. The reason the founders of The Spin quit their jobs and decided to become self-employed, risking everything, was to be able to do just that. Be able to have the whole globe as an office. This sounds fantastic, surely. And most of the times it is. But lack of wi-fi, working from the bed or a shaky coffee table and the distractions that new places bring, will b a bit hard for your productivity. This was something that we discovered at a very early stage and something that we still today struggles with every day.

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Travel The SpinThere are a lot of travel blogs and travel magazines out there, that’s for sure. Despite this, we think that our site will bring something new to the table. The Spin is about our work and every-day experiences, connected to the way we travel. From time to time, we will also spend a month or two back home. Because, let’s face it, this is needed to maximise your business.

We will give you our thoughts and tips regarding different places all over the world. Mainly as a place to work at. But also, from time to time, just a normal travel guide. Sometimes, a destination itself is connected to our present work, why this will be a great way for us to share some of our experiences. As always, we are more than happy to get your thoughts and wishes of how we should run this site. If you are looking for some specific info on destinations or have any questions about starting a life as a digital nomad, don’t hesitate to contact us!