The Best Cities To Gamble In

best cities gambling

Gambling is a popular activity around the world. There is no country that doesn’t have its share of gamblers, whether they play online or offline. That being said, certain cities around the world have become known as the best ones to gamble in.

Los Angeles

Aside from being the home of Hollywood’s elite, Los Angeles is also an excellent city in which to gamble in. This is especially true for avid poker players. Many professional gamblers have made Los Angeles their home base, such as Jerry Yang and Jamie Gold, both of whom won the World Series of Poker Main Event in the city. Some of L.A’s most popular casinos include The Hustler, The Bicycle, Hollywood Park and the Commerce. From Los Angeles to San Diego, there are a total of 30 casinos.


Another huge gambling city is Macau. Now known as the “new Las Vegas,” Macau’s gambling scene has exploded in recent years. Since 2006, Macau has eclipsed Las Vegas as a premier gambling destination. It is now home to the world’s biggest casinos, including the newly opened Venetian Macau. In the near future, the world’s top gambling operators all have plans to open locations in the city. There are already several large casinos in Macau’s Cotai area. Casinos such as the Grand Hyatt feature game rooms where gamblers can experience unique versions of roulette, baccarat and blackjack. Based on everything Macau has to offer, 50% of the city’s revenue comes from the gambling activities of tourists. It has even surpassed Las Vegas when it comes to gambling revenue, something many thought would be impossible.

Monte Carlo

For tourists, one city they can’t go wrong when gambling in is Monte Carlo. This is because there are fewer gamblers to compete against, as residents of the city are forbidden from this activity. For everyone else, it’s a great place to try their luck at the tables or even with the one-armed bandits.

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San Jose

Not just a popular vacation and honeymoon destination, Costa Rica also boasts San Jose, a hotspot for gamblers. American tourists will find that their money goes much further when gambling in Costa Rica than it would in cities such as Las Vegas. In particular, gamblers in San Jose prefer the local version of Rummy, as they can double their winnings when drawing three of the same card in an attempt to reach 21, just as they would in a standard game of Blackjack.

Atlantic City & Las Vegas

Finally, Atlantic City and Las Vegas are still heavy hitters in the gambling industry. Both have expanded on the number of casinos they offer and gamblers will find that the experience of playing in these cities is just as thrilling as it always has been. Many gamblers start out in Atlantic City and Las Vegas and then graduate to other gambling cities throughout the world. As a result, a growing number of cities are seeing the value of gambling and embracing it by offering casinos that are sure to provide thrilling entertainment.