Make the most out of remote work in 2019!

remote work 2019

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The people working with this website have always been big fans of working remote. Our business set-up is mainly online, which makes this much easier. More and more businesses give a possibility to work online. Check for example out these new digital trends in Nigeria for 2019 that we believe strongly in. However, even though the development gives us more and more opportunities, we are not always great at catching them. Don’t you want to work from Bali for three months this year? Or why not stay in a ski lodge somewhere and ski during the days and work in the evenings? There are plenty of really really nice ways of spending a couple of months in 2019, without having to quit your job (or at least time off). This article is for you to hopefully seize the day a bit more and do what you always been thinking about doing – remote work!

Discuss possibilities with your boss and teammates

First off, let’s face it – if you work at the register at a supermarket, this won’t be easy to do. However, A LOT of work today is normal office jobs. Jobs that most often are possible to do from another place. You have been home ill some time, right? But not being that sick that you can’t work at all. Then you are doing remote work, even though it might not be from your dream destination. Show your boss that you are able to work from home. If he/she trusts you, there is a big opportunity that he will let you leave. However, it might be a wise choice to start out small. Start with maybe two weeks.

There is a lot of “exercise travel” nowadays. A 1 or 2 week trip to a warm place where you get to exercise every day. This would be good for your work in the long run as well. See if you get the possibility to go on this kind of trip while working. It should be a win/win situation for your boss since you will come back stronger than ever. Once you have shown the boss who really is the boss (and that you can handle remote work), you can add an extra week. And an extra, and an extra…

Technical adjustments you might need to think of

We have been working all over the world. At least trying to work. In some very remote parts of the world, the wifi is to bad for us to really be able to do something. So, if you decide to go somewhere, make sure that the place you are renting has a great wifi connection. Many hosts will say that they do. And maybe they are right, comparing to the general wifi in this country/town/village. But it may still be really bad with your standards. If you want/need to have Skype conversations, sending files, watch video conferences and work effectively, a good wifi connection is one of the main things you need.

Also, you might think about bringing accessories to your laptop. Big screen, keyboard and mouse might take a lot of space in your suitcase – but it may get you much more effective which will give you more time off on the destination.

Please contact us if you wonder anything about remote work or anything else! We will be back soon with more articles!