Big News for Online Casinos 2019

online casino news 2019

This year is about to come to an end. The Spin has tried to keep up-to-date with what is going on in the online casinos market, as well as other games and travels. However, it is about time to look a bit forward. What news can we expect regarding gambling and casinos in 2019? Just as always, there will be new casinos and such. But we will also see a regulation in Sweden – something that probably will change that market quite a bit. In the UK, we already have had our regulation, and it is blossoming. So we don’t think the Swedes need to be too worried. However, below we will discuss what is going on on the UK online casino market in 2019!

What new casinos to look forward to

online casino news 2019As always, players want to know if there are any new fun brands to look forward to. For players in the United Kingdom, there basically are two different kinds of new casinos. The totally new brands that never seen daylight before, and the ones getting a UK licence. We believe that the latter will be more and more common in the future since they now also need a licence for example Sweden. There have been many big casinos launched this year, and many of them will most probably get licences in 2019. To read more about what new casinos to expect in 2019, check out that keeps you up-to-date with the new casino sites!

Some other news to expect in 2019

Don’t forget about the games. The games that are in constant evolvement and starting to look exactly like the top-of-the-line video games. One of the absolute most interesting games coming soon is the Max Quest: Wrath of Ra from Betsoft Gaming. A multiplayer adventure that, according to what we have read so far, is a mix of a casino slot and a video game. Experience breathtaking 3D-graphics along with your friends when you travel to ancient Egypt. Read more about it at Betsoft’s website – but believe us: it is going to be something spectacular.

More news on this matter will surely come up in the future. We are trying to give you the most interesting once, some stuff that you really want to know. That is it for now. Take care!