Mexico City – Tacos meet Casino!

mexico city

Mexico City, a place that has received a lot of criticism for being dangerous and not very interesting for tourists. One of our writers has been in the city for a month while working. Travels, food, casino and work is something we at TheSpin always want to report about. So, accordingly, we have a few things to tell you about our visit in CDMX, Ciudad de Mexico (or DF, Distrito Federal, as it was called until 2016). Join us on a quick sightseeing of the city and what you really shouldn’t miss out of. And no, it is not as dangerous as many people like to believe. As long as you stay in the right neighbourhoods…

Mexico City – Where to stay?

Yes, as long as you don’t stroll into the wrong places, you are probably quite safe here. Hence, it is important to stay in the right places, to say the least. The borders between safe and sound and kidnapped into the trunk of a car is pretty thin though. Polanco is the upper-class area in CDMX, no question about it.  Some streets, as Avenida Presidente Masaryk, is an avenue filled with luxury brands and fine-dining restaurants. If this is what you are looking for, Polanco truly is the place to stay. However, you won’t get that Mexican feeling, at all.

Condesa and Roma are two areas that suit most tourists well. They are located a bit closer to the city centre from Polanco, on the other side of the huge Chapultepec Park (a great place to hang out during weekends so get some calm). In Condesa and Roma, especially Roma Norte, you’ll find gentrification at its best. Cool bars, nice local clothing stores as well as coffee shops and restaurants piling up. Be aware of Doctores though, an area that borders to Condesa and Roma, but without any of the good-feeling atmospheres. It is actually a total opposite to this. The city centre is not that much to see, except the huge Plaza Zócalo, one of the largest plazas in the world!

Casino and Gambling in CDMX

If you want to dust of the smoking and go for a casino hunt, there are a few to choose from here. Casino eMotion and King’s Casino are two favourites among the Mexicans. Gambling, in general, is very popular in the whole country, why it is very easy to find different casinos and other gambling spots. However, due to the money involved, these places might be a bit dangerous to be around from time to time. But, think before you dress and don’t try to stand out too much. For examples, many rich Mexicans still choose to drive an old car to minimize the risk of kidnapping or/and robery.

And, of course, the food?

Tacos is just as popular as you think. You can buy them in many street corners around the city. Often for less than a pound each. Choose from pastor, bistec, pollo, chorizo or any other of the local variants. Why don’t try a campechano, a mix from to of the different meat sorts? There are also tortas (basically a sandwich), ponzole (a soup with a corn base) and flautas (a fried, rolled tortilla with different contents). You will find A LOT of different dishes here. But, if you ask me, nothing really beats the tacos.

We really hope we built your interest in going to visit Mexico City. A city of 10 million people that are friendly and interested in us Europeans, or Güeros as they say!