Helsinki got the best casino dealer in Europe 2018!

matti kankainen best dealer 2018

Playing at casinos, you often get stunned by how fast and professional the dealers are. How is it possible to see what amount those cards shows that quick? Even dealers on live casinos online have started to get really good. But sure, still, we meet some dealers from time to time that is not that good as well. However, in May the best casino dealer in Europe was elected. Matti Kankainen from Helsinki won this prestigious prize at the competition at Maestral Resort and Casino in Montenegro. And it was about time, he has been close to this one for a long time now.

37 casino dealer competitors – 1 Winner

This year, 37 participants competed for the gold medal. Kankainen, who has been in this competition five times before, was a favorite from the start. And he didn’t let the judges down one bit. In Blackjack and Roulette he showed them why he is number one in Europe among the casino dealers. The judges are looking for how polite the dealers are, as well as game control and technical skills. Except for the “casino dealer” prize, five other winners were also elected;

matti kankainen best dealer 2018

  • Best Card Handler
  • Best mathematician
  • Best pushing stacks
  • Best cutting chips
  • Best chipper

The event lasted for 2 days and after this, winners have been elected in every single category. However, at The Spin, the casino dealer prize is the most prestigious one. Matti Kankainen usually words at Veikkaus Casino in Helsinki. Among the five times he has competed before, he has been on a second and a third place a couple of times, why he thought it was about time to get this prize in 2018. Said and done!

If you happen to travel to Montenegro sometime soon, you really should check out the Maestral Resort and Casino. A beautiful hotel that offers all you can imagine as well as a top-class casino.