Curaçao – An Island with so much more than low taxes and online casinos

Curaçao The Spin

Curaçao Island, one of the ABC islands that we all heard so much about the last couple of years. At least if you are into online casinos. This is the island that gives out gaming licences to many of the different brands we see today. And surely, there are many physical casinos there as well. The Spin took a flight over to the Paradise Island to see what it was all about, on their way back from one month of working in Medellín, Colombia. This is what we came up with!

There’s a reason the liquor is called “Blue Curaçao”

Seaturtles CuracaoWe decided to stay at a hotel with an online casino within it. To make it as much of a “Curaçao’an” experience as possible. Not that any of us actually enjoy gambling, actually the opposite, but we still wanted to see how it was. And, usually, it is very cheap to stay at casino hotels. Just like in Vegas, they hope to see their hotel customers spend their vacation money inside the casino. Sorry, we didn’t fell for that one. However, for around 50 GBP per night, we got ourselves a double room including an alright breakfast buffée. Much cheaper than we thought it would be, considering being on one of those mythical islands you dreamed about as a kid.

After spending one and a half day working at the hotel, and doing some tanning by the hotels own little beach, we decided for a one day island tour. 35 GBP of a one-day car rental later, we started our road trip. What an Island! We have never seen water as turquoise as this one. A dark nuance of this fantastic colour that The Spin actually also chosen to use as a contrast colour. The colour immediately takes your thoughts to that liquor we tried as rookies in the bar – Blue Curaçao!

Sea Turtles, Hiking & Beautiful Beaches

After trying to buy the latest drone from DJI, without success (takes some time for electronics to hit the islands apparently), we began to drive north. At the top of the island, we got to the Christoffel Park, the highest mountain on the island. The peak is at about the breathtakingly 370 meters altitude. Well, maybe not that high, but after 35 minutes of hiking, you will get a nice view of the island. We were a bit unlucky, with a bit foggy morning, but still a great start to the day.

After this, we went to Playa Grandi / Pescado. This is the best place on the island to watch sea turtles. A local fisherman is constantly sitting there, throwing fish offal into the ocean. The turtles love this of course, why it is easy to swim just right next to them. Not as many tourists as we were afraid of, which was good.

After some great footage, using our GoPro 6, we went to some other beaches along the coast. Playa Lagun and Grote Knip being our two favourites (due to the calm sea and great snorkelling), we got a couple of great hours in the sun.

Finishing up in the Jan Thiel area, where the brats of the island obviously stay. Supermarket with a Wholefoods kind of feeling, and a beach filled with cabanas, good-looking people and an upper-class feeling. And the opportunity to fly a hover-board. We prefer the more local beaches, but this is not a bad choice at all!

Pros and Cons of Curaçao

The water is number one, for sure. You probably won’t see much better water wherever you decide to travel on this planet. The prices for living and eating was lower than we expected and you can get a decent dinner for about 10 GBP.

Depending on what you are looking for when you are travelling, one might say that Curaçao might be a bit slow. A lot of old people, both living on the island and among the tourists. For us, working while travelling, it works great. But if you go on vacay for partying and match with people on Tinder, this is not your place!

And, yes, you are able to play in casinos here and it is surely a nice place to keep your savings here once you get old. But this shouldn’t be the main reason why you decide to go here – there are plenty of others!