Buenos Aires – An up n’ coming travel destination!

buenos aires

Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, has always been of great interest of us. A city quite forgotten about next to Rio de Janeiro and some other large cities in South America. But, as it recently was voted as one of the top 18 budget travel destinations at Forbes, once again we got our eye on this interesting city.

Last year, some of us visited Costa Rica. A beautiful country with one of the greatest animal life around the globe. Here, we also got to meet a lot of Argentinians. Apparently, this is a big travel destination for Argentinians. And they also come to places like Santa Theresa for work. What really got our attention was how polite and friendly every single Argentinian we met was. Remember, this is at a cool yoga and surf place where a lot of people are quite full of themselves. So, after some time, we tried to hang out with as many people as possible from the most south-east country on the South African continent. People that are as close as you could get to Antarctica, in fact. All the people we met talked well about their capital, why we wanted to check it out a bit more.

Buenos Aires – What to expect

Being a European colony from way back, the architecture has a European style in many places, mostly in the city centre. This is not unique in any way, many countries being colonies way back. However, most of the buildings here are very well preserved. The food in Argentina in general, and Buenos Aires in particular, is famous. Mainly, we might have heard about great stakes for a really good price. However, we have now learned that they have a lot else. Empanadas and ice cream being two of the other “dishes” they are famous too. And, wine producing in the country has boomed for the last couple of years. So be ready to have some great wines for even better prices visiting Buenos Aires.

What about the climate then? As mentioned, we are quite far south on the globe here. And the city is classified as a humid subtropical climate zone. They have four seasons, something that we travellers started to enjoy a lot. However, it barely never goes below zero and from October to April you get a nice warm climate. So, most of the time the 15 million people living in the Metro area do get to wear shorts and t-shirt.

Time to go?

If we should give you one travel tip for 2019, Buenos Aires is probably it. A huge city with nice history close to the ocean. And with low prices. What more can we demand for travelling? And, why not look into going to Antarctica when you are this close? Go down to the southernmost part of the continent, Ushuaia, and embark a shit. Be aware though, it is not exactly for free. Be prepared to pay somewhere between 5000 and 10000 USD for a full excursion. But, that might be worth it for the trip of a lifetime, right?