Berlin Affiliate Conference moves to Lisbon – Portugal here we come!

lisbon affiliate conference liac

Everybody in the gaming industry looking forward to a couple of events every year. In big cities around Europe, we have met for exchanging business ideas and start new partnerships. London, Amsterdam, Barcelona are just some of the cities that hosted this event. Last three years the October conference was in Berlin. A great city and a great conference. This year, however, it has been moved even more south – Lisbon in Portugal. The LiAC, Lisbon Affiliate Conference, will be held 17th to 20th of October. Venue? Lisbon Exhibition and Congress Centre (FIL).

Lisbon Affiliate Conference 2018

So, what do we expect this conference to be like? Shone ODonnell, Even Director for LiAC, has found a really good space for this event. Big enough to be able to host around 3000 delegates and 1500 affiliates. Us, affiliates, love the possibility to see new cities while we are mixing business with pleasure. And for the hosts, of course, it is a great way to meet new local affiliates.

This surely is a great opportunity for networking for everybody that is interested in joining this business. Make sure to get your pass beforehand so you can join all the different events.

What will happen during the days?

Thursday and Friday during the week are the days that actually matters. Wednesday evening is just a meet and greets event which is nice – but you will be able to meet everybody later as well. During the Thursday and Friday, you have the big conference to attend. As well as many interesting speakers with a lot of information about the business. You will get great opportunities to set new deals with many brands and also learn about new casinos and betting sites that are about to launch.

And, some partying of course

Yes, within this business you can be sure of being able to party. Every afternoon and evening, there will be some dinners, bars and nightclubs to attend. However, we really suggest you limit it to the Friday evening. To be able to make the most out of the conference, running around hungover really isn’t the way to do it. So, talk to the different sponsors during the Thursday and Friday, try to get invited to a nice dinner for the Friday evening (shouldn’t be too tough, really) and then party like it’s 1999!

We hope that we will meet you there, read more about this event at: