The Spin is a Magazine devoted to discussing all the fun things there are to take part of in an ordinary life. It is sprung out of Digital Nomads within the online casino business. This is why you certainly will have a focus on online gaming, business connected to this and other topics in the same area. But, we will also be sure to give you nice travel tips, fun videos and much, much more.

Since we are working closely alongside the online casino market, we will also give you our reviews of new upcoming casinos all over the world. To actually be able to give you reviews that not only consists of superlatives but instead give you our sincere thoughts, is not very common. We have for a long time been working as affiliates for many markets, casinos being the major ones. We know how common it is with a 10-star rating to a 2-star online casino. This is not what we want to give you here. Since being an online casino affiliate site isn’t the main purpose of this site, we will give you fun reviews with genuine thoughts.

To be good at what we do, we need to keep updated with the latest news in our business. But, we also need to have fun while not working. This is why we travel a lot and get to know cultures and people all over the world. The best way in life is to mix business with pleasure, at least according to us. This is why we really hope that this site also will be a nice travel guide for Digital Nomads, and normal travellers, all over the world. Right now, this site is brand new. So a lot of changes will be done for the next coming days, weeks, months and, hopefully, years! But, please contact us with thoughts you have on how to make this site as good as possible!

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