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Archangels: Salvation netent slot

Archangels: Salvation – 100 Bet Lines slot by NetEnt!

Most of the times, a new video slot from one of the many providers are pretty much the same. Sure, there are new playful layers of graphics and animations that …

Welcome to The Spin

The Spin – We put a Spin on every story! started as a fun project to make the most out of our flow of ideas, constant travelling and entrepreneurial way of life!

This is an online magazine, produced by a few people that hope one or two other people would like to read about it. As the time of launching The Spin, the founders are working with many different businesses. Gaming and online gambling are one of these, why this magazine has news regarding this. While working, we travel the world, so travelling is also something we write a lot about. Business in general, mostly online, is something our lives circuits around, so be sure to read much about our ideas and thoughts about everything that is going on in the world right now.

The Spin – Stories for people like us

The SpinWe would like to look at ourselves as Digital Nomads, working while travelling the globe. To be able to excel in something, we believe that you need to work hard. But you also need to have fun at the same time. To watch other people in other cultures makes you grow, which results in doing better both in your business and in your personal life.

For people thinking similar to us, we believe that The Spin might be something. We want to interact and get ideas from other people. If you would like to contribute to our site in any way, please do so by contacting us. To do great things, people need to work together. The Spin is not an exception to this, so please let us know what you think. This site will expand, transform and adjust into being whatever we, along with you, want it to become. As long as The Spin can set its own spin to the stories, this online magazine can be something for everyone!


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playzee casino review the spin

Modern new casino with interesting theme – Playzee!

We like when things are taken to the next level. And since we usually like to discuss different iGaming things, we ought to talk more about Playzee Casino. Maybe “taking …


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remote work 2019

Make the most out of remote work in 2019!

Hi and welcome to a new year at! The people working with this website have always been big fans of working remote. Our business set-up is mainly online, which …